About the Project

PAIRING Dave Karofsky/Kurt Hummel
CANON Through s02e08; Furt
GENRES Comedy, Drama, Romance

You get to know all kinds of people online; some of them are even people you thought you already knew.

All Kurt wanted was to never see the bully that had driven him away from his school and his friends again. All Dave wanted was a chance to apologize, if he could just figure out the right way to say it without freezing up. The internet gives them the distance that they both need. Dave didn't expect Kurt to keep talking to him after he accepted his apology. Kurt didn't expect to actually like the guy on the other side of the screen. First a truce, then a friendship, and then… Maybe something that Dave never thought he could expect, and Kurt never knew he would want.

Who'd have thought that an instant message would change everything?

Writing Progress

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Content Guidelines

Please be aware of the following themes and their prevalence in the story's plot and events.