Anything you want readers to know going in? Yes! Tess We could go on and on, but we'll spare you. Some fun story tips for you, though! 1. If you're on desktop or laptop, we really do encourage you to put the site in fullscreen when you start reading. Just that one small thing adds so much for the immersion; it's super fun! The other thing we'd like to make sure you know going in: We're always here to do way too much all the time, so be sure to explore Kurt and Dave's computers! There's lots to see.

When do you update? As of Volume I, we update in realtime, which is close to daily! This will change for Volume II, which will post two-three times a week; sorry about that!

Do you take critiques? Nah. It's not that we can't handle it, it's just that we stand by what we write and, no matter how much we love this project or how much work we put into it, we're also just having fun and trying to bring ourselves (and you!) a little bit of happiness. If KIMs doesn't do that for you? Live and let live; don't waste your time reading things you don't like, guys! Find things that bring you happiness on this shitheap rock.

Do you take corrections? Yes, yes, yes! If you see a typo that isn't intentional, or an error in our content, such as continuity, dates, locations, etc., we'd appreciate it so much if you want to take the time to let us know so we can fix it. We don't use a proofreader, so errors are probably an inevitability haha.

Do you allow fan content? Oh my god, yes lmao. All kinds of art, including written content, are 100% allowed!! We'd love it beyond reason, honestly. It was always such a fun part of the original run. If you do decide to post fanart/fic for KIMs, just remember to throw in a link back to our site.

Can I suggest/request plots? You technically can, but KIMs has been plotted out pretty extensively at this point, and we didn't start posting this project until we were completely done with Volume I and halfway through Volume II to ensure we could deliver. All this to say, there's a really high chance we won't be able to work anything new in, but you're welcome to ask anyway; who knows, it might already be planned!

I'm having accessibility issues; can you help? Yes! If you're using a screen reader and our site is having compatibility issues, you can read KIMs in flat view with minimal code formatting.

Is there NSFW content in this story? This story will reach ratings up to NC-17, so please be aware of that! Additionally, there may be NSFW easter egg images over the course of the story, but all content of this nature will be visually obscured and labeled so that you'll only see it if you choose to.

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The Story

What is KIMs? The Kurtofsky IM Sessions—KIMs, for short—was a multimedia Glee fanfic that ran from 2010-2011, but was never completed. It's been a (very) long time, but Tess has always held a little bit of sadness that one of their first brain babies never got to completely flourish. So here we are, so many years later, starting from the ground up to rebuild KIMs bigger, better(?), and to be completed, goddammit. These days, since Tess is a professional web designer, we'll be working overtime to make this experience as immersive as they'd originally dreamed of it being (they just didn't have the ability to fulfill that fantasy to its fullest when they were 19).

Is [event/plot/character] coming back this time around? There are only ever three answers to that question: Yes; no, because we've chosen to go a different way; or no, that aspect of the original KIMs does not belong to us and we aren't okay with using a previous writer's ideas without them. While KIMs was initially thought up by Tess, the original KIMs is not solely theirs! Magz had a huge hand in the story and behind-the-scenes stuff, so anything that was come up with by them will not be used here because we feel like that's just bad behavior.

Why is [event/plot/character] different from the show? We started writing the original KIMs before a lot of the Dave-centric episodes aired; some of those elements we do work in, others we don't. In other cases, it's because we just wanted to go a different way because we weren't a fan of, or had a different idea from, something that happened on the show. If you aren't a fan of canon divergences, then this isn't the story for you.

Why do you hate my favorite character? We probably don't lmao. If you don't like seeing characters you like being portrayed negatively, or in ways that don't line up with what you view for them, then this is not the story for you. We will not be taking notes. We've gotten some extremely concerning messages in the past from people who can't handle things they personally do not like, and we're not your punching bags or a wall for you to yell your frustrations at, nor are we your therapist. We're just two human beings with feelings, ideas, and our own life experiences, and we're just here to write a story that we want to write.

Where is Puck? Puck will not be referenced anywhere in this story, nor will we be mentioning him again past this point. It's up to you whether the character is still present within the universe or if he's got a replacement stand-in to take over the plot elements he was involved in on the show (he never had much to do with KIMs, so this doesn't affect the story, honestly).

Please do not bring up Puck in comments or reblogs for KIMs, because this is the only time we want to touch on the topic given the distressing nature of what has brought us to this decision. If you are for whatever reason unaware of what this has to do with, please search the actor's name at your own risk, or highlight the following: Mark Salling was a convicted pedophile who was in possession of thousands of images of child p****graphy; before he could begin his prison sentence, Salling committed suicide.

Will other characters with deceased actors be in the story? Yes. The afforementioned is the only exception due to obvious reasons.

Do your other stories take place in the KIMs universe? Probably not! We're most likely going to keep KIMs self-contained, and any offshoot mini-stories will either be worked into the main story in between chapters, or made into a collection at the end of each volume (if we end up with any, that is).

Are you rewriting any other projects? Not at this time, no. All non-KIMs stories are new ideas. Tess has a couple of oldies kicking around in the Maybe Pile, but we have a bunch of new-to-us ideas that take priority if we decide to fully commit to other stories after KIMs, though none of them are going to be giant multimedia projects like this one since this one's such an undertaking.

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The Writers

Who are you? We're Tess and El; it's nice to meet you! Tess is the creator and co-writer of the original KIMs, and El is their longtime best friend. We're both 30+, nonbinary dipshits who care too much about hyperspecific interests and fact-checking weird aspects of what we're writing.

Wait, so where's the other writer from the original KIMs? The wonderful and very talented Magz is doing well the last I heard! We fell out of contact a good while back, and the decision to reimagine the project with someone else was based predominantly on how much I already write with El, and how confident I am in our ability to work on a project of this size together because of how much experience we have with each other. (We've literally been writing together since 2012 LOL.)

Why are you the way that you are? When we figure it out, we'll let you know lmfao. But it's probably all the CPTSD and bipolar (Tess) and autism (El).

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